Education at SAI offers many choices for your child’s next phase of learning in a secondary school. The choices you and your child make will influence his secondary school experience during this crucial period of adolescence – in developing the passion for learning, shaping his character and preparing him for further education. It will also shape his career aspirations, readiness to take on the responsibilities of an adult and a citizen, and his ability to overcome challenges in life and be successful in his own way.

During the Secondary School education years we concentrate on an Education that Develops a Broad Range of Skills for Life. We believe in developing each child into:

Confident Person, who has a strong sense of right and wrong, is adaptable and resilient, knows himself, is discerning in judgment, thinks independently and critically, and communicates effectively.

Life long Learner, who questions, reflects, perseveres and takes responsibility for his own learning.

Inspiring Leader, who is able to work effectively in teams, is innovative, exercises initiative, takes calculated risks and strives for excellence and

Global Citizen who is rooted to Indian values with Global ambitions, is informed about the world, and takes an active part in extending a helping hand towards others around him.

A secondary school education is about the total development of your child, beyond what your child can achieve academically. No matter which school your child goes to, his total development will be our focus.

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