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Guruji, Dr. Chandrabhanu Satpathyji is an ardent devotee of Shri SAI Baba. His love for all is unbounded and infinite. Guruji comes from a family of academicians and administrators with a high level of cultural and religious involvement. He holds multiple master’s degrees and has taught at the Delhi University for some years, before joining the Indian Police Service. There, he excelled and was awarded three recognitions by the President of India for gallantry, meritorious service, and distinguished service. In his 35-year long career, Dr. Satpathy had been the Director General of Police for the State of Uttar Pradesh, as well as the Director General of the Central Industrial Security Force. He was also senior advisor to the departments of Civil Aviation and Petroleum for Government of India.

Guruji’s latest book, “Shri Guru Bhagavata,” has been published in four volumes in India in Odia, Hindi, and English and has become immensely popular among thousands of his fans and other scholars due to its depth and simplicity, highlighting the Guru-disciple relationship while describing the invaluable aspects of human life. He enabled the translation of Shri SAI Satcharitra, the Holy Bible, the Koran and the Gita into the Braille language and had the Holy Scripture, SAI Satcharitra distributed among the visually challenged SAI devotees. He had the book “God who descended on earth” translated into French, Spanish and Nepalese and also the Shirdi SAI Aartis translated into Spanish, Odia, Hindi and English languages.

Dr. Satpathy has been instrumental in creating Shirdi SAI Baba temples and cultural centers worldwide, in countries like USA, UK, Spain and Australia to name a few which are spreading the essence of SAI philosophy and engaging in charitable activities. Guruji is a great believer in the prophecy that simplicity inspires us to be simple. He teaches us that ‘It’s easy to be complex, but difficult to be simple’ and that ‘One can realize SAI only through simplicity’.
It was Guruji’s vision to create a School that functioned on idealism and realized the vision and dreams with which it would be created. By holding our hand and leading us on a righteous path, Guruji’s dream was realized and SAI International achieved great heights of success. It was he who necessitated the building of an institution with high levels of educational, professional and ethical standards. And under his guidance and clairvoyant direction we have created a premier institution that thrives on the value of patience and humility. Selfless love and boundless love incarnate, Guruji is the cosmic light of SAI International that helps us tread on a virtuous path.

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